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Hello Lover,


    I'm a down-to-earth and 100% natural beauty who tours Australia wide. I believe true beauty lies within. I try to live my life with a generous spirit and open heart. My nurturing demeanour can dispel your first time jitters and you will bask in the sunshine of my complete undivided attention. My alluring girl next door essence ensures you an experience that is warm, caring, and cheeky. I offer a one of a kind yet familiar girlfriend experience with elements of tantric eroticism to soothe your longing ache for true intimacy and release.

    My interests are vast and offer me many ways to connect with you over extended social dates. Outdoor activities - especially cycling, hiking, & snorkeling - maintain the pep in my step and keep my tantalising tush gloriously lush. Visiting art galleries, wineries, and fine-dining establishments are where I get to indulge some of my finer tastes. Live music is also a love of mine and I would adore an evening at a gig or symphony performance with you.








    Connection is key for intimacy and exploring the sensual arts. Be in-tune with your body & present within the sensations to build erotic intensity. For a most encompassing experience and a way to prolong the pleasure, I always suggest an extended date to build anticipation and explore the senses one by one. Perhaps, taste and smell over dinner, sound at a live performance, sight at a gallery and – finally – touch alone with me in private. As an eroticism expert, I truly believe that the most powerful erogenous zone is the brain, and sensory stimulation in all forms can truly unlock your erotic potential. By edging towards nirvana, you can release your tensions in your physical body and preconceived expectations in your mind. Simply let your energy flow!

    With me, erotic pleasures are not goal-oriented. However, you may notice some positive effects through the regular practice of sensual edging. Controlling ejaculation, helping erectile dysfunction, increased stamina, as well as stronger & longer orgasms can occur. If you would like to experience a P-Spot orgasm, we can explore your "scared area" through prostate massage.  For those with a desire to explore the erotic realm of female orgasm, you will be delighted by my talents in G-Spot, Squirting, Vaginal, & Clitoral orgasms.

    Teasing is mutually pleasurable and I truly enjoy tantric play. It's a wonderfully arousing, sensual, and relaxing indulgence. Let's take this journey towards bliss together. Whether you are new to the world of sensual pleasures or an experienced connoisseur, our time together will be unique & unforgettable.


    The biggest adventure you can ever take is to live the life of your dreams ~ and the perfect moment is now! So don’t delay your journey into joyousness.

Until we meet ...

xo Courtney



"Courtney gave me one of the best massages of my life. She has an amazing touch and I don't think I've ever had a service like hers before. Her work space is immaculate and she is incredibly professional. I will definitely be going to see her regularly."

~M. Smith 

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