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    ~ DEPOSIT & CANCELLATION POLICY ~ FULLY REFUNDABLE: If Courtney Cummings cancels the appointment before meeting in person, the deposit amount paid toward the booking will be refunded within 48 hours (2 days) of her cancellation. The refund will ONLY be made via Beem It. In selection situations, the refund may be issued via cash deposit at a smart atm (major banks only). Client will be asked to provide a BSB & Account number. NONREFUNDABLE: If Courtney cancels the appointment due to the client displaying unsafe behaviour (intimidation, manipulation, aggression, requesting unsafe/illegal services, intoxication, boundary pushing, exceedingly demanding, graphic / offensive language etc.) the deposit as well as the booking fee will NOT be refunded. Deceptive behaviour (changing sims, lying about identify after being blocked or rejected, etc.) is not tolerated and any money received will not be refunded. The deposit is forfeit if the client does not provide at least 48hrs notice of cancellation, doesn't attend the appointment (no show), has a change of mind, or if the client is excessively late (20min+). **Any non-refundable administrative, transport, accommodation, or supply costs incurred as a direct result of the booking will not be refunded. RESCHEDULE / TRANSFER DEPOSIT: If the client gives at least 48hrs advance notice of cancellation or reschedule request, the deposit may be transferred once to an appointment date within 30days or to an alternate booking time on the same tour at Courtney's discretion and availability. NO SHOWS: In the event the client has not paid a deposit yet has a confirmed appointment with Courtney and fails to attend or cancels without notice (less than 2hrs in advance) they are liable for a cancellation fee. This is payable to Courtney via beem it, bank transfer, or giftcard within 24hrs. Failure to pay may result in civil action and will be followed up. WHY DEPOSITS: When you make an appointment, I reserve that time just for you. Other clients may ask for that specific time but it is reserved by your deposit. I will never double book our appointment. If you do not show up or cancel, I have lost time, income, and missed opportunities of filling that time. It is also extremely disrespectful & disconcerting for my privacy and safety when a client obtains an address for potentially nefarious reasons. Unfortunately, in this industry there is a percentage of people that ruin it for the majority of genuine clients. These types are classified as time wasters, no shows, address collectors, fantasy bookers, hobbists that collect private details to post on review boards, sometimes dangerous and generally unsavory people. Making a deposit is the best way to show that you are a genuine respectful client. After a many years operating professionally in this industry, I have heard every excuse. I understand that "life happens" and you may not be able to attend your appointment. If "something has come up" it is respectful to compensate the other person for their time and missed opportunities. The golden rule is to treat others the way you would like to be treated. "You're a scammer / I've been tricked before / Promise I'm a good guy" Mutual trust is important. You can research me by checking out my verified profiles, reviews, website, long held social media accounts, and asking other SWs about my professional reputation. I would not jeopardize my career and livelihood by "scamming" a potential client for a trivial sum. However, for new enquires, I only have a few texts messages to judge if you are safe or unsafe person to be alone with. You may feel as if you know me from following my profile for years but I don't know you from a bar of soap which is why I ask for a simple deposit. Everyone should be responsible for doing their own due diligence before contacting a provider. Please keep in mind that participating in the adult industry is a luxury. If you cannot afford to indulge in a luxury service and are extremely worried about potentially losing a small sum of money due to paying a deposit, perhaps reevaluate your personal financial position before contacting a luxury provider. Deposits are discrete and anonymous. I will never use or share your data. I will not be able to access your personal or financial information. "It's too difficult / My card is declined / It isn't working / I don't want to do it!" I provide several methods of deposit. It is highly unlikely all are not working. Please make your appointment in advance so you have time to make a deposit. It is stress free and takes about 5-10 min. "I don't want my partner to find out / I don't want an electronic trail / Got cash babe" If I ask you for a deposit and you don't want to give one, it is your prerogative to seek an alternative provider suited to your requirements. There are many other providers and parlours - but there is only one Courtney Cummings. If you would like to spend time with me, you must abide to the T&Cs of my business. I provide a discreet luxury service that is not for just anyone. If you don't meet my standards go in peace. A common worry is having a transaction recorded on a bank statement. I put a lot of thought into my methods of deposit to avoid leaving an obvious digital trace. Beem It appears as "Beem It refund" on your statement. Gift Card appears as "prezzee.". I offer Smart ATM cash deposit, Pay ID, OSKO Bank Transfer to a discreet business account which can be written as any name / reference for your records. Still not comfortable? Take charge of your own digital trail! If you want to be discreet then the first step is to take care of your own privacy before putting in the onus on your chosen provider. Writing inappropriate references such as: for boobs, sexy time, massage (yes foolish clients have used such notes) then you can only blame your small head for being indiscreet. You can purchase a Load & Go debit card from any Australia Post, prepaid mastercard from Aus Post, Visa One loadable gift cards from Officeworks, any supermarket, or petrol station, Qantas Cash Card, etc. You can use these anonymous forms of payment to pay your anonymous deposit. I am a professional and operate my business as such. Do your own research on your chosen provider! I highly recommend you plan in advance and give yourself enough time to calmly make the appropriate arrangements. Think with your big head. !!Any funds sent to Courtney Cummings without her prior arrangement and/or appointment confirmation will be considered a gift with no obligations. !!Courtney is NOT liable and will NOT issue refunds for any errors made by Client (for example Client misspells email address, types incorrect account details, does not follow bank transfer instructions correctly, etc. ) Please be considerate and respectful. Remember we all have just once chance at a good first impression.
    ~ ACCEPTED PAYMENT METHODS ~ Business First ~ please have the outstanding balance ready at the beginning of the appointment. Gentlemen should not wait for the lady to ask. Be forthright if you'd like to avoid a transactional atmosphere. Electronic prepayment in full prior to the booking is also welcome to avoid uncomfortable moments while waiting for the client to conduct and clear their transaction. CASH: I will count the notes to ensure the correct amount is provided. Please give the exact amount as change is not provided. Balance paid via Beem It on arrival is accepted however please ensure your account is working properly & you have sufficient funds to avoid embarrassment. Beem It has a $2,000 payment limit per 24 hours. Newly set up accounts will be ask for reverification by the bank. PAY ID: Generally clears within minutes however certain banks such as CBA may hold funds to new payees for 24hrs before clearing to payee's account for amounts over $1,000. Using your bank app: select pay or transfer, pay anyone, mobile / pay id / email address. Enter my business email given at the time of request. CBA users: pay / pay someone / "+" / more / email address. OSKO BANK TRANSFER: Instantly received Osko transfer to my discreet business bank account. Using your smart phone ~ before confirming your transfer ~ please ensure your bank uses OSKO for instant payments. Look for the circular "O'' / OSKO logo on your screen's confirmation prompt. OSKO generally clears within minutes however certain banks such as CBA hold funds to new payees for 24hrs before clearing to payee's account. Westpac may take a few hours. All banks will vary so if your appointment is for short notice please keep this in mind. BANK TRANSFER: Must be cleared before the appointment. No service without payment clearing. Generally bank transfers made on desktop computers or with small local banks take 1-3 or 3 – 5 business days. It is the client's responsibility to ensure they transfer funds correctly. This business is NOT liable for client error. SMART ATM CASH DEPOSIT: Not available for same day appointments. Your ID may be asked if requesting this method. Locate your nearest ANZ or Commonwealth Smart ATM and follow the prompts to enter the provided BSB & Account numbers. Deposit cash notes anonymously. PREZZEE : Smart eGift Card only Gift card bar code and pin must be sent directly from the company to Forwarded emails are not accepted. Credit Card lovers may prepay the total balance owing via Prezzee Smart Card before arrival to avoid awkwardness if the patron's card is declined. *No services will begin without payment clearing. *Any funds sent to Courtney without her prior arrangement and/or appointment confirmation will be considered a gift with no obligations. Courtney is in no way obligated to return any gifts. *Courtney is not liable for client error. Refunds will not be issued due to client error. See T&Cs.
  • ABBREVIATIONS: A Glossary of Sex Work Terminology
    Let's unravel some lingo and translate abbreviations commonly found in sex worker advertisements in Australia. To avoid confusion or conflict, it is important to understand the services and boundaries provided by a sex worker. IF YOU DON'T KNOW, ASK! Terms can be interpreted in a variety of ways depending on the provider. CONSENT IS ALWAYS REQUIRED. Below is a general list of some services that a sex worker may provide (in alphabetical order). A ANAL PLAY – refers to any kind of external play or penetration of the anus, either by use of finger, tongue, or sex toys. ANAL SEX – penetration of the penis inside the anus, also referred to as Greek. ATM – ass to mouth. Involves acts such as giving oral sex immediately after receiving anal sex, or putting a finger or a vibrator in one’s mouth immediately after anal penetration. B BI TWIN - a doubles booking with two bisexual sex workers. BJ – blow job, oral sex on a penis. BBBJ – bare back blow job. Giving unprotected oral sex on a penis without a condom. BBBJTC - bare back blow job to completion / cumming. BBW – big beautiful woman. A woman who is voluptuous / curvy. BLS – balls licking and sucking. B & D – bondage & discipline. BDSM – bondage domination sadomasochism. BONDAGE – sexual act that involves the tying up or restraining of the partner. BRAZILIAN – bikini wax style that completely removes the pubic hair from the front, middle and rear of the pubic area. A “landing strip” is a small patch of hair sometimes left at the front. BS – body slide. Provider slides their naked body over yours. Does NOT include genital on genital contact. Several types: Front - receiver is face up when provider slides. Back - receiver is face down, Reverse - body slide in the 69 position. C CBT – cock and ball torture. A BDSM sexual activity involving torture or pain affliction to the male genitals. CD – cross dressing. CIM – cum in mouth. CIMWS – cum in mouth with swallow. To ejaculate in the mouth and swallow the fluid. CBJ – covered blow job. Protected oral sex with a condom. COB – cum on body. COF – cum on face. COUGAR – an attractive mature woman. Age threshold is interpreted widely. COSTUMES & ROLE PLAY - wearing fantasy outfits and assuming the roles of characters to heighten sexual excitement. COUPLES – providing sexual services to two people in a relationship. Can be a bisexual or straight couples booking or voyeuristic (watching sexual acts). D DATY - Dining At The Y. Performing oral sex on a vagina; can be with legs spread open to resemble a “Y” shape. DATO – see Rimming. DFK – deep French kissing, kissing using the tongue heavily, french kissing. DINNER COMPANION – a social date in which a provider accompanies a client to share a meal or attend a function. May or may not provide sexual services. DIRTY TALK – using graphic words to heighten sexual pleasure during intimacy. DP – double penetration of the vagina and anus. Can be with 1 person, multiple people, or with toys / fingers. DDP – double digit penetration. Various meanings: one finger in the vagina, one finger in the anus or “fingering / pussy play” with finger(s) in the vagina. DT – deep throat. Oral sex technique which takes the entire length of a penis in one’s mouth. DOGGY STYLE – a sexual position in which someone is penetrated from behind. E EROTIC SENSUAL MASSAGE– a body rub that is intended to sexually stimulate the receiver. F FACIAL – Ejaculating onto someone's face. FBSM – full body sensual massage. FE – female ejaculation during orgasm, “squirting”. FETISH – a need or desire for a specific object, body part, or activity for sexual excitement. FILMING – the film or digital recording of a sexual act. FIRE & ICE – giving oral sex while switching between hot and cold sensations in the provider's mouth. FISTING – the penetration of the whole hand inside the vagina or anus. FK – French kissing, tongue kissing. FOOT FETISH – a pronounced sexual interest and gratification in feet or shoes. FRENCH – oral sex, fellatio. “full french” = without a condom. Can mean french kissing. FS – full service. Interpretations and inclusions widely vary, can mean penetrative sexual intercourse. G GAGGING – a sexual act in which the provider gags or chokes on a penis during oral sex. GFE – girlfriend experience. Interpretations and inclusions widely vary. Can mean an intimate service in which the provider is similar to a girlfriend. May include such services as cuddling, conversation, penetrative sex, kissing, and mutual oral sex. GREEK – penetrative anal sex. GS – golden shower. Urination onto other person. H HAPPY ENDING – hand job after massage. HJ – hand job. HR – hand relief. I ITALIAN – rubbing a penis between the buttocks. L LK– light kissing, usually with a closed mouth. M MILF – mother I’d like to fuck. MFF – male female female threesome. MMF – male male female threesome. MULTIPLE POSITIONS – sex in many different styles and positions. MASTURBATION – sexually arousing one’s self, usually to the point of orgasm. Can be performed with fingers, hands, an object, or a sex toy. MUTUAL MASTURBATION – both parties sexually arousing themselves and / or each other, usually while they watch each other. MUTUAL FRENCH – Both parties will give and reciprocate oral sex. If done at the same time, is referred to as a 69. MUTUAL NATURAL FRENCH – both parties give and receive unprotected oral sex. MSOG – multiple shots on goal. The client may orgasm multiple times in a session. N NATURAL BUSH – unshaven or unwaxed pubic hair. O OWO – oral without a condom. OVERNIGHT – a provider who stays with the client overnight at a hotel or residence. Duration and inclusions vary widely. PHOTOGRAPHY – the photographing of a sexual act. PNDP– Please no dick pics. PROSTATE MASSAGE – stimulation of the male prostate gland by anal penetration. “G-spot stimulation” can be done with finger or toy. PSE – porn star experience. Interpretations and inclusions widely vary. Can mean a high energy sexual service similar to what is demonstrated in a pornographic film. PUNTER – the client or customer of a sex worker. R ROLE PLAY – assuming the roles of characters to heighten sexual excitement. RIMMING – licking the anus. S SEX TOY - an object or device that is primarily used to facilitate sexual pleasure. SNOWBALLING – transferring semen or cum from one person’s mouth to another. SPANISH – rubbing the penis between breasts, sometimes until climax. SPANKING – slapping another person’s buttocks for the sexual arousal or gratification of either or both parties. SPIT ROASTING – giving oral sex while being penetrated from behind. SQUIRTING – ejaculating fluid from the vagina during orgasm. STRAP ON – a dildo designed to be worn, usually with a harness, to penetrate a sexual partner. STRIP TEASE – an erotic dance in which the provider slowly undresses in a teasing fashion. SW – sex worker. T TEA BAGGING – repeated insertion of testicles into the mouth of a partner. TOY SHOW – a masturbation show by use of sex toys. TROMBONING - an act in which the giver kneels behind the receiver and licks their anus while masturbating the receiver's penis. TTM – testicular tongue massage. W WATER SPORTS – see golden shower. WL – working lady, escort, sex worker.
  • FIRST TIME: I have never seen a Sex Worker before, what do I do?
    Good on you for taking the leap into this wonderful sensual world! It's totally normal to feel nervous or overwhelmed. The #1 piece of advice that my industry peers constantly recommend is READ THE AD! Take the time to research me / your chosen provider. Read my profile, look through my website and social media. Chances are your question will be answered on this website. If you still have concerns or need clarification please ask in a text. Make contact via text. Please follow the contact etiquette and don't be shy to let me know it's your first time. I see a wide variety of clients from first timers to experienced of all ages. Here's a template: "Hi Courtney, (Your Name) from (Your City). I saw your profile on Scarlet Blue / Escorts & Babes and I'd like to make a booking however it's my first time and I'm a little nervous. Are you available on (Day) between (Time) for an (Type & Length of Appointment) ?" I will reply with my availability. I will ask for a deposit to confirm your appointment. After the details are confirmed and the deposit clears, I will send you my address with parking instructions included. It's easy to make a good first impression - be on time, polite, and hygienic. Have the correct amount ready and please present it on arrival. In an envelope or card is the classic gentlemanly move. To avoid awkwardness, have the full balance correctly prepared. Fumbling in your pockets, counting out bills, navigating your banking app, etc. makes the business portion of our time feel transactional. Good hygiene is key! I will direct you to the shower - yes - even if you have already had a shower. No childish negotiation or refusal to take a shower please. Make sure you wash well using hot water and soap. Focus on underarms, groin including under testicles, and anus. Please wash your bum! Use toiletries provided - mouth wash, mint, deodorant under your arms. Mouthwash is to be gargled - do not rinse your mouth with water after using mouthwash. I prefer to kiss you and taste mint, not your lunch. Deodorant goes directly under your arms. After your shower, we will enjoy your chosen service together. At anytime feel free to communicate with open honesty about how you are feeling, if you need a break, or what you would like to experience. After the service, you will have another shower, get dressed, gather your belongs, and have a warm departure. The time and amount of time you book is inclusive of all the steps above. For example: if you book an hour, the total time we spend together will be an hour starting from your arrival ending at your departure. If it is your first time seeing me I highly recommend booking at least 90 min so you can feel at ease and enjoy your time thoroughly. My service is completely non-judgmental. I do not judge people or discriminate against others based on appearance, age, size, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, kinks, or any other area. Treat me with respect and I will treat you in kind ten fold. I really appreciate testimonials such as a follow up text or a written one on Scarlet Blue / Escorts and Babes. Testimonials are a FREE way to show your support of my business. I will not initiate contact further unless requested to do so. Your privacy and discretion are assured.
  • How can I contact you?
    I prefer enquires via TEXT message +61 487 714 479 from Australian mobile phone numbers. Contact via icloud / email address / email: I will ask for your valid mobile number and I will verify by texting the provided number that it is in your possession. I always try to answer enquires as soon as I possibly can. Generally, I will reply during my normal admin work hours, 9am - 9pm. Please be patient as I do not have an assistant and receive a high volume of messages. This is one reason why advance bookings are highly recommended. DO NOT CALL me as I will not answer and block you.
  • Where are you located?
    Sydney NSW: Pyrmont private and discreet apartment with easy parking and close to public transportation. TOURING: In capital cities ~ my incall location is at discreet 4 & 5 star hotels or service apartments in the CBD or just outside for convenient parking and public transport.
  • What are your rates?
    Please see "Experiences" page. Generally, my services are offered as a packaged rate. Please bring the total amount in correct bills for the service and inclusions you have requested. After I greet you please pay the fee as it is awkward when I have to ask. Do not ask for discounts as this is rude and I will decline future appointments with you. This is particularly poor behaviour from regular clients and you will not have the opportunity to see me again once this line is crossed.
  • When are you available?
    Generally I am available about 9am-9pm. Please make appointments in advance. Outside these hours I may be available but you must make the appointment in advance with a deposit. Scarlet Blue or Social Media may show that I am "Available Now" which means I have available times that day. Proper contact & booking etiquette still applies. I post my weekly schedule in advance on twitter @courtneytours and regularly update my Scarlet Blue and Escorts & Babes profile.
  • What's included in the Girl Friend Experience?
    Please click on the "Experiences" page for more information. I aim for our time together to be as fun, sensual, and pressure free as possible so you leave a happier man. Please let me know if you have specific requests. Let's treat our time together organically and not as if we have a checklist of sexual activities to complete within a timeframe. Please keep realistic expectations for the amount of time you have booked.
  • Do you do Outcalls?
    Outcalls are only offered for GFE + appointments of 2 hours or longer. I will only attend outcalls to upscale hotels within the CBD or surrounds. I do not accept residential outcalls unless I have already met you. Please be a considerate host. Have clean sheets, towels, body wash, ect prepared. When I host, my incall is always fresh and clean. Outcalls are subject to minimum $100 outcall fee for my extra commuting time and convenience as well as taxi / transportation charge quoted at the time of enquire. If you have special requests such as toys or attire please let me know. I will always be discreet when entering and exiting your hotel.
  • What's your personality like?
    I am super warm, bubbly, and kind hearted. I maintain a professional exterior before we met to encourage genuine enquiries only. Please note I receive an extremely high volume of enquires that I personally answer as I do not have an assistant. I love connecting with my clients in person. I do not enjoy ping pong texts with enquires that have not made a deposit or written a proper enquiry. Hence my professional and concise texting communication style. In person, upon being greeted, you will instantly feel comfortable when you see my big smile and feel my warm touch. I am very energetic and outgoing. Travelling extensively and having a wide variety of friends, aided in my development of being an open minded and understanding person. I enjoy studying wellness, practicing yoga and meditation, reading and being outdoors. Can't wait to get to know you as well!
  • What do you find attractive? How can I improve my appearance?
    I find men who are gentlemanly, with respectful manners and clean appearance, the most attractive. A sense of humor is also sexy. I understand you may be nervous, don't forget this is a fun experience! A simple smile and light banter helps break the ice. Proper hygiene is key to good sex! A scale and clean at the dentist is the best $100 a man can invest in their appearance and health. Do you like Deep French Kissing? Use Listerine and mints. Floss regularly, fix any cavities, check for gum disease. Good smell is a big turn on for every woman. Basic deodorant under the arms is an everyday, multiple times a day habit that every man should have! A freshly showered man, who uses deoderant and washes EVERY part of himself thoroughly will instantly get bonus points from me. When is the last time you clipped your toe nails? When I'm riding you reverse cow girl I can easily see how long your toe nails are! Unless you want to look like a hobbit, clip your toenails regularly or get a basic pedicure. Short, clean fingernails are also required for intimate touch. I enjoy squirting and fingering, however if you have dirty fingers or you are a smoker I cannot offer these services as your hygiene affects my Vaginal PH balance. Trimming your pubic hair makes your groin appear larger and more attractive. Trimming will give you more sensation when I am teasing you. If you enjoy a DEEP BLOW JOB, please trim your bush and wash underneath your scrotum so I can do deeper. Keep in mind I can smell everything when I do my body slides all over you. Always remember to WASH YOUR ANUS with warm water and soap! I am famous for my prostate milking skills. Again - remember to WASH YOUR ANUS! The cleaner and better you smell, the closer I will get.
  • What kind of service do you offer?
    Clients often say "Wow you are so unique! I've never had an experience like this before!" Time with Courtney is definitely a 100 % erotic experience. My Girl Friend Experience is very intimate and arousing. I use a blend of techniques and sometimes toys that will vary based upon the individual's needs and requests. Longer dates are an excellent option to really experience all that I have to offer whether you like it tantric (slow and sensual) or naughty (fast paced with kinky twists)! At times, I will use tantra / lingam massage on your groin and "sacred spot" g spot area. I do erotic massage for the purpose of relaxation - not therapy. I am not a medical professional. I do not offer deep tissue, remedial massage or anything related to physical adjustments. I cannot perform hard pressure massage on you. My body massage style is most similar to Swedish massage which means that I use gliding motions, kneading, and circular pressure. Please inform me of any injuries prior as I incorporate lots of my signature body slides all over your back and front.
  • Do you enjoy your work?
    I love what I do! My favourite part of my job is connecting and making people feel good. There's a complete transformation from when someone first walks through my door to when they leave - usually a bit shaky haha but always with a big smile. Sometimes it takes a while to process the experience, but I love receiving a thank you text and the majority of my clients make another appointment. I'm blessed with lovely regulars that make me smile everyday.
  • Do you do doubles?
    Yes in states that this is legal. I have many friends and playmates in the industry for a threesome. Please be sure to organise these experiences in advance. A deposit is required.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    Longer appointments already factor in a discount. Asking for discounts or haggling is simply rude. My rates are set firmly. If you are a student or can't afford my services, please save up for an appointment or search for a provider within your budget. This is a luxury service and not marketed for just anyone nor is anyone entitled to experience time with me. If a returning client asks, hints, or jokes about the rates - they should be embarrassed as this behaviour is disrespectful. Please do some self reflection. Displaying such low behaviour will result in losing any opportunity to see me again.
  • Do you see couples?
    No. Please use the service function on your chosen directory to find a suitable match or go to a parlour.
  • Do you like gifts?
    I love gifts, they make me feel special and appreciated. It also helps break the ice, shows me you care, and adds to the romantic ambiance. Presents are not expected but always appreciated. I like artisanal food, honey birdette lingerie, chanel and tom ford perfume, david jones gift cards, books, flowers - anything feminine is appreciated. If it looks pretty, smells nice, or tastes good I will like it! It is easy to make me happy and put a smile on my face.
  • How do I leave a review?
    I appreciate when clients take the time to leave me an official testimonial / review. You can click on the "Write a Testimonial" button on the "About Courtney" page or go to my Scarlet Blue profile "Courtney Cummings" to write a review. I also appreciate a quick text post appointment if that is easier for you. When writing please avoid graphic language as intimate details should be kept private between us. Also if I share any personal details about myself I trust you to not publish that info for my privacy. I do not support review boards or review culture on forums. If I find out you are an active member of an infamous Australian review board I will decline any appointment with you. Appointments made deceitfully by said review members will result in a forfeited deposit.
  • Should I tip?
    Tipping is appreciated very much! It makes me feel special and leaves a lasting warm impression of our time together. If you feel like tipping on top of the rate - thank you - I really appreciate it! Please know that I use that tip money to pay it forward. I always tip my hair stylist, nail tech, barista, uber driver, server etc. to spread the good vibes in the service industry!
  • Do I have to use my real name when making a booking?
    I would prefer your booking enquire to include a name that you will ACTUALLY react to. Whether that is your given name, alias, nickname, name only used for bookings - whichever name you have texted me - I will refer to you as such until instructed otherwise. To avoid your embarrassment and confusion, please keep your chosen name consistent. Funnily enough, I've had a few regular clients change their name every other text message which gets rather convoluted as we continue to see one another over the years. That's when the default "babe" gets used. I value your privacy and discretion and I ask that you do the same for me. I would not be able to thrive in this industry if I was not 100% discreet.
  • I saw you in public - can I say "Hi"?"
    No, Please do not approach me in public and I will not approach you. This is a safety and discretion issue to prevent any awkwardness for both parties. Not only do many clients enjoy social time in public with me, I also have an active personal social life which often includes outdoor sports, going out to bars, restaurants, and attending events, concerts, etc. I'm a normal person just like you! Do not text me if you spot me in the wild, do not mention any sightings during an appointment as doing so is a breach of privacy.
  • Are your photos real?
    Of course YES! They are genuinely me, my body, and my aesthetic. There is some skin editing to remove any identifying marks for my privacy. I also hide the majority of my face for privacy. There is no purpose for me to post fake photos as that would waste my time and create negative publicity. I invest a lot of time, energy and money into my many photo shoots which are done at least once or twice per year. I post selfies regularly on Twitter and Instagram. Scarlet Blue & Escorts and Babes have verified my photos as well. I also have videos posted on those sites.
  • Send me a selfie. Give me face pic BB.
    No. That is a rude and entitled command. I do not send my photos out for free - there are many methods to verify my appearance and services. I have hundreds of photos of me online. Usually enquiries asking for a selfie are timewasters who have no intention of ever making a booking. These sad people are photo collectors. It is not unusual for photos to be stolen by other workers, agencies, scrapper sites / directories and used for fake ads. Perhaps you have been "catfished" / "bait and switched" before or had a bad experience. Do your own due diligence when choosing a provider. I do not post full face photos for my privacy. Being "face out" in the sex industry is a huge decision which has major consequences beyond social stigma. Posting face photos can affect my ability to do international travel as well as face banking and employment discrimination.
  • What will you wear when you greet me?
    I have an extensive lingerie collection and often I wear beautiful lacy or satin lingerie with a matching robe or sexy dress. For regular clients and extended dates I am open to requests for specific colors, a casual look, gym wear, or office wear if the items are readily available. For first time bookings or 1hr appointments, please tip or book an upgraded service if you wish to make particular requests. Outcalls - I will dress discretely in a modest dress, casual jeans or business attire to blend in. If you have a specific request, please provide the funds so I can purchase the items for our appointment or bring the items with you and I am happy to model it. My size is 12D bra, M suspender, 12 bottoms, Tall stockings, size 39 shoes. My dress size is AUS 12 M / L. Shoe size 39. Foot Fetish - I offer a choice of leather stilettos or open toe strappy sandals.
  • What type of clients do you like? Do you refuse any type?
    I do not discriminate against any type of people that make a polite enquiry. Race / ethnicity, gender, age (must be 18+), marital status, size, body shape, etc. do not concern me. I ONLY accept clients who are polite, hygienic, have read and comprehended my services, are respectful and not boundary pushers. Ability to communicate clearly in English is a must. English as a second language or multi lingual clients are very welcome! Health is EXTREMELY important to me! If you have a cold / illness, an active skin condition, any open scratches, cuts, or wounds, fresh ink, STIs, etc - DO NOT book an appointment with me! I reserve the right to deny my services to anyone who is not hygienic, is unwell, rude, or I deem a health and safety risk. I do not accept clients who are under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol. If you do not met my clientele criteria yet proceed to make a booking without disclosing, I will keep your deposit / booking fee and refuse service. * I am unable to see people with limited mobility, serious injuries, or impairments as I do not have specific disability training.
  • Do you tour? Can you come to my city?
    I tour frequently! Some of my most popular cities are: Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston. I regularly post my tours on my website and social media @courtneytours If you would like me to visit your city please send a text. I am also available for Fly Me To You for extended dates. Please get in touch! XO
  • Do you watch the clock?
    I am not considered a "clock watcher" however I have excellent time management skills as there are many things I like to explore during our time together. I set a timer at the beginning of our session. If our session is an hour, you have paid for an hour of my time which includes showering before and after as well as the session time. If you have not reached completion after that timer goes off, I may generously allow complimentary extra time for you to reach climax. However, my services are not "goal" based and achieving orgasm sometimes doesn't happen for various reasons. It is rude to take advantage of time without compensation and will not help your chances of getting another appointment. If you choose to book a short appointment of 30 min that will include undressing, showering, service, clean up shower, getting dressed, etc. Do not complain of feeling "rushed" as it is your choice to book a short session. I have magic hands, but not magical abilities to bend the laws of time and space in order to complete a service "checklist".
  • What is bad etiquette? I am new to this.
    I find that clients who exhibit the below behaviours are either time wasters, rude, or unaware of etiquette. These behaviours may result in: no reply from a provider, being blocked or banned, or my refusal to see them again. Bargaining rates / haggling, asking for unsafe practices such as sex without a condom, pushing boundaries & asking for services not provided, annoying texts - "hi", "hey babe", "available now", enquiries which do not answer the basic and simple contact questions, attempting to not pay upfront after arriving for an appointment, asking for personal information, approaching me in public, calling repeatedly, talking about other sex workers, sending dick pics, visiting when sick, not showering thoroughly, anything else deemed being disrespectful or unhygienic.
  • Is it safe?
    Anyone who is sexually active should regularly get tested for STI's. Practice safe sex using condoms. Sex workers, contrary to stigma, have LOWER rates of STI's than the general population. Why? Because we are hyper aware of the risks, educate ourselves thoroughly, and get tested on a regular basis. CONDOMS: I exist in the real universe, not the realm of porn. Body slides are my BODY sliding on your BODY. My genitals will not come into contact with your genitals. I use condoms and regularly get tested for STIs. HEALTH CHECK: I regularly see a GP & dermatologist and have my skin checked for any abnormalities. However, as in many situations there is always a risk of contamination / infection. I do a skin and genital health check on all clients. Open cuts, rashes, bumps, etc will result in a failed health check. I will offer you a non sexual alternate service. I do not offer a refund as it is your responsibility to be aware of your own health before attending an appointment. TOYS: For prostate massage / G-Spot stimulation / toy play, I put a condom on all toys and use premium silicon or water based lube. My toy collection is high quality and made with body safe non porous materials. Everything is washed thoroughly with toy cleaner and put in a steriliser. LOCATION: My incall is in a discrete and safe neighborhood. Linens are always freshly laundered and never reused between sessions. That included pillowcases and towels. Showering with hot water AND soap, using hand sanitizer and Listerine is required for all clients and myself. SAFE SPACE: I am a nonjudgmental person who is very open to hearing your concerns and desires. Please feel like you can be open and trusting of me. I do have a stellar professional reputation. If you are ever unsure, do your research. Check social media and well known directories. You can ask for references regarding myself from other workers or read my online testimonials. DISCLAIMER: I am NOT a therapist or medical professional. Please seek professional help for any health or psychological concerns. I am limited to what services I can provide during our session and always attempt to operate with maximum transparency. Contact 13 11 14 if you are experiencing emotional distress or need crisis support.
  • What ELSE do you do?
    Clients are often unaware this type of question to sex workers comes across as patronizing, judgmental, & invasive. I understand you may suffer from foot in mouth disease. I enjoy chi chat and breaking the ice. I like to talk about travel and my hobbies; hopefully we can find common ground. No politics, religion, or money talk please! I will never ask you invasive questions such as "Are you married / have a partner?" "What's your real name?" "How much do you make?" Please extend that courtesy to me. Likewise, it is rude to ask "What ELSE do you do?" Someone's choice to work full time or part-time in the sex industry is not your concern. This job is a career path for some and for others transitional. SEX WORK IS WORK. Try not to make assumptions.
  • What are your hobbies?
    I have a wide range of interests and like to be active. I love hiking, snorkelling, basketball, yoga, and cycling. I also enjoy film, travel, art, and reading. I support animal rights and promote a healthy lifestyle in harmony with the Earth. I've travelled all over OZ on weird and wonderful trips. I look forward to connecting with you and possibly opening you to a new adventure in life. X CC
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